Mortar with pestle

For crushing spices and herbs.

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made of porcelain
Non-slip coating on mallet and foot
neutral in flavour
for full development of the natural flavours
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Item No.: 71520
weiß, schwarz
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What do you feel like today? Thai? Italian? Indian? Thanks to the Kesper mortar made of 100% real granite, you can add even more flavour to your food, because crushing spices, nuts or seeds opens up thousands of possible combinations to bring your favourite flavours to your plate. Delicious spice mixes and pastes are child's play to prepare at home! Not only professionals, but also amateur chefs can get creative with a bowl and pestle. You can chop up your own spices and herbs, conjure up sauces or vinaigrettes and flavour oils. A porcelain mortar is also ideal for preparing spice mixes or marinades. Order your own mortar now and give it a try! By the way: mortars have a long tradition and have been used since the dawn of mankind to crush and mix herbs, spices and other ingredients - they are the oldest kitchen utensil of all. Mortars have been used to prepare food for thousands of years. The word goes back to the term mortarium, which meant a bowl for grinding. Today, a mortar made of porcelain or other materials is a MUST in every kitchen!
* All prices incl. VAT and excl. Shipping.

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