Disposal and environmental regulations

Note on the Battery Act

Many devices are supplied with batteries. Batteries or rechargeable batteries may also be permanently installed in the devices themselves. In connection with the sale of these batteries or rechargeable batteries or in connection with the delivery of devices that contain batteries or rechargeable batteries, we are obliged as a dealer under the Battery Act to inform our customers of the following:


Rechargeable batteries and batteries do not belong in household waste. Disposal in household waste is expressly prohibited under the Battery Act. As the end user, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. Please dispose of used batteries or rechargeable batteries at a municipal collection point or hand them in free of charge at your local point of sale. Batteries or rechargeable batteries received from us can be returned to us free of charge after use at the address below or sent back to us by post. In any case, we will refund the postage for returning your old battery.

F. Anton Kesper GmbH

Im Gewerbepark 1

34508 Willingen


Batteries or rechargeable batteries that contain harmful substances are labelled with the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin.



= Battery must not be disposed of with household waste

Pb = battery contains more than 0.004 per cent lead by mass

Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 per cent cadmium by mass

Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 per cent mercury by mass


You will also find this information again in the documents accompanying the consignment or in the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Information on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

We must take back old appliances of the same type that essentially fulfil the same functions as the new appliance free of charge when a new electrical or electronic appliance is handed over to an end user.

We must take back old appliances that are not larger than 25 centimetres in any external dimension free of charge in normal household quantities; the take-back is not linked to the purchase of an electrical or electronic appliance from us.

You can return these appliances to us free of charge by sending them back to us by post:

 F. Anton Kesper GmbH

Im Gewerbepark 1

34508 Willingen


If you would like us to take back an old appliance from you, please send us an e-mail with your request to shop@kesper.com. Once we have received your e-mail, we will send you instructions for the return, etc. Of course, you can still return an old appliance to one of the municipal collection centres, which is also free of charge for end users.

The disposal of old appliances containing harmful substances in household waste is expressly prohibited!

Batteries or accumulators must be removed before the appliances are handed in, if possible. Batteries and accumulators must be removed in such a way that they are not damaged and can be identified after removal. Old devices often contain sensitive personal data. This applies in particular to information and telecommunication technology devices such as computers and smartphones. In your own interest, please note that each end user is responsible for deleting the data on the old devices to be disposed of.

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