Bread and proofing baskets, oval

How to make delicious bread with a perfect crust

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Ensuring the optimum fermentation process
Protection against the dough drying out
Stabilisation of the dough
made of rattan
Removable textile lining
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Rattan, Baumwolle
cremeweiß, beige
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If you don't want to miss out on the fresh flavour of fresh bread these days, bake your own bread. You also know which healthy ingredients end up in your own bread. Practical aids such as a proofing basket are very helpful to ensure that bread baking is a success. User tips: 1. make sure that the proofing basket is clean and free of foreign objects if you want to use it. 2. flour the proofing basket really well! A mixture of 50% flour and 50% starch (potato or maize) is best for this. If you want to bake bread more often, make a ready-made mixture of flour and starch, which is then always to hand for flouring. 3 Never use oil to grease the proofing basket. 4. place the prepared bread dough in the floured proofing basket. If you wish, you can sprinkle seeds (sesame seeds, caraway seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.) into the basket beforehand. This adds flavour and a special look. 5. cover the proofing basket with the enclosed (damp) bonnet and place the dough in a warm and draught-free place. Directly next to the heating is very unsuitable, as the dry heating air can cause the dough to dry out. 6. allow the dough to ferment for the required time. 7. when the dough has proofed long enough, turn it out onto the baking tray or baking stone and then into the oven. Please note: the proofing basket does not belong in the oven and must not be baked with the dough. Easy cleaning: After you have given your bread dough enough time to proof and removed it from the proofing basket, leave the basket to dry properly. This is best done in a well-ventilated place. When the basket is dry, you can tap off the excess flour and brush the proofing basket dry with a standard brush. We also recommend sterilising the proofing basket from time to time if it is used frequently. To do this, simply place the basket in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes at approx. 120°C. The bacteria don't like this very much.
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